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What to Wear Sailing in St. Tropez – Sailing – Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailors,

Bain de Soleil for that Saint Tropez Tan; perfect for What to Wear Sailing on the French Riviera!

OK who remembers this ad?

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Bamboo Products – Sailing – Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailors,

A couple of weekends ago I attended the International Home & Housewares show as a member of press representing this blog and my Sail Away Girl Cooks blog. Specifically, I was invited to a luncheon where Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman on the Food Network, was speaking about her blog and how she ended up on TV.

She was a very entertaining and inspirational speaker and I will be recapping the luncheon as well as other aspects of the International Home & Housewares Show on my Sail Away Girl Cooks Blog starting next week so look for that there.

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Barber Hauler and Twing – Sailing – Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailors,

Barber Hauler and Twing, sounds like a great name for a band doesn’t it? Nope, these are actually sailing trim set ups that I ran across when I was reading something else about sailing and as my good friend Dan says I got distracted by the next shiny object. I can’t even tell you what the heck I was reading about when I got sucked into these two trim mechanisms.

What I primarily found out, is that the only information I could find on Barber Hauler in particular, was contradictory. Barber Hauler is actually named after twins named Barber from San Diego. They were racers in the late 1950’s and were looking to fine-tune the sheet-to-jib/genoa angle and to adjust the clew laterally to improve the slot between jib/genoa and mainsail when on a beat.

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