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What to Wear Sailing in Valencia Spain – Sailing – Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailors, Time for What to Wear Sailing! It is another gray day here in Chicago and I am needing some sunshine, if only virtually. How about you all? So today I am off to sunny Spain and its Mediterranean coast. Specifically, Valencia Spain! This is where the famous Valencia Orange¬†was named after as Valencia […]

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Vermicelli Rice

My Mom’s delicious rice recipe that I know you will love too! This goes great with beef, pork and chicken, enjoy!

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Maritime Tradition – Ship’s Bells – Sailing – Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailors, For years I have heard about the Maritime Tradition, Ship’s Bells, and I know it is a way of telling time on a boat, however, I have no idea how many bells mean what time and I thought you might not know either. So I wanted to look into the subject and see […]

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