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Marine Plumbing Tips – Sailing

Hi Sailors,

To continue my recap from this year’s Strictly Sail Show I’m going to share some tips I learned from Dan Bochnovic of Crowley’s Yacht Yard here in Chicago on Marine Plumbing Tips.

Before I get to his tips, here’s a little about Dan Bochnovic:

“Dan Bochnovic , Technology Manager, Crowley’s Yacht Yard

Much of the impressive carpentry and welded steel or aluminum improvements you see at Crowley’s Yacht Yard originated as abstract concepts from the mind of Dan Bochnovic.

These include over 1000 feet of floating dock on the west and north banks (most recently the new in/out service dock), the deck in front of the store, and our new displays for Strictly Sail (which drew praise from other vendors there and will be making an encore appearance at Yachtapalooza). Dan also added the new remote controlled racked mast picking system in the rigging department. In addition, Dan is CYY’s “go-to” guy for IT design and maintenance, and manages the docks and dockmasters.

From where did such a renaissance person come? How did he manage to end up at Crowley’s? With over thirty years in the recreational marine industry, Mr. Bochnovic started as a rigger in the days when rolling furlers were in their infancy. Experienced in all types of installation and fiberglass repair, he also studied industrial design at Northern Illinois University and business at DeVry, from which he earned a degree in computer science.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys woodworking and belongs to the Chicago Woodturners Club. He loves doing carpentry jobs around his house and has spent over fifteen years sailing Lakes Michigan and Huron and the North Channel.”

So Dan is a pretty handy guy to have around it sounds like.  😎

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CPR and First Aid Certification- Sailing

Hello Sailors,

Last weekend the Waukegan Sail and Power Squadron (WSPS) held a four-hour CPR and First Aid Certification course at the Waukegan Yacht Club. Besides getting certified, I got to see quite a few friends, a bonus.

It has been a long time since I took a first aid class. So long I can’t even remember where I lived, but I do know it wasn’t in Chicago that I last took the class. A lot has remained the same, as best I can remember where the methodology for CPR is concerned, but new equipment has entered into the picture.

Specifically, the AED or automated external defibrillator, has been added to the training, and to most public facilities around the country.


Image from DXE Medical – Recertified AED

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Mispronounced Nautical Terms and Sailing Jargon

Hello Sailors,

My good friend and sponsor Mari from Capsurz found an article on mispronounced words with one sailing term on it and she thought I should write about the topic for other Mispronounced Nautical Terms and Sailing Jargon. The one word on the list she found was Boatswain pronounced bo-sun.

There is far more jargon from nautical land that is mispronounced and/or misspelled.

Historically many nautical terms had actually been spelled the way they were pronounced. However, when spelling standardization was implemented, starting with the first printing press in England in the late 1400’s, some words were re-spelled mostly in an effort to rid the English language of extra unnecessary letters. Not all words got revamped and some were completely spelled anew including some sailing jargon.

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