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Welcome to Sail Away Girl's Website! Glad you came aboard.

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Welcome to Sail Away Girl!

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Well here’s a little about Sail Away Girl so you can get to know me a little better.
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Hi, I am Sail Away Girl, AKA Elizabeth. I will be connecting with people by living my dream of sailing around the world and writing a cookbook. My adventure will be visiting ports around the world and meeting with local families in each port that will show me a meal from their childhood or from a celebration and share the story behind the meal with me.

My cookbook will be a compilation of all of these stories and the recipes and photos that go with them. I want to show the world how much we all have in common through good food and great family stories.

Since I can remember I have always dreamed about seeing the world, and as far back as I can remember, it has been on a sailboat.

I was very fortunate to have parents that loved to travel and loved the sea. I think it’s in my Basque blood since my ancestors hail from the San Sebastian area of Spain. A beautiful city that is hugged by both the Pyranees and the Bay of Biscay. Also now known as the gastronomical capital of the world with some of the best and most inovative chefs in the world. But that is another subject and my other favorite passion, food and cooking. San Sebastian is a sea town and a fisherman’s town. So I think salt air and sea run through my DNA.

Growing up, because of my father’s job in the paper industry, we moved every two years. We moved not only in the states, but lived in Venezuela and Spain as well. While we lived in Spain, my parents took advantage of traveling with umpteen kids to various countries in Europe and hence my wanderlust was born. I absolutely love to see new places and meet new people in new countries. Most of my fondest memories are of the interactions with people that I had in various places; more so than the sights I saw. Sitting in a bar on the Isle of Skye with the locals asking me about my baseball cap and baseball in the US, or our Egyptian tour guide that wanted to know about dating customs in the states. Trust me very different for those in Egypt. So I look forward to seeing the world and meeting more of the fabulous people in it!

You know the question, “if you won the lottery what would you do?”. well I have always said 1st I’d go shopping in Paris, then take the train to Lyon, France and eat at Paul Bocuse a 3 star Micheline restaurant, and then off to the Cote d’Azur to pick out my sailboat and my 7 Italian male crew. Now everyone’s mind goes in the gutter at this point, which is not where mine was when I thought of this. I just don’t see a problem with having an attractive crew on board, that’s it. Would be way too complicated otherwise.

Well, I have found myself at a crossroad in life, and of course I am not getting any younger, so I wanted to pursue my long time dream of sailing around the world. I am planning to cast off after I finish culinary school and in the mean time I am blogging about all my preparations for departure. What boat to get, how to maintain it, and where to go when.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey and that you will derive something worthwhile from it. I am also looking forward to everyone’s input, so thank you for sharing in advance!

See you on the water!
Sail Away Girl


  1. Hi Elizabeth – I just stumbled across your blog. It sounds like you’ve been fortunate to have had lots of great travel adventures with your family. Love the story about the Isle of Skye and baseball 🙂 I’ve added you to the sailing blog list on our site and am looking forward to following you as you get ready for your departure next year! Cheers – Ellen

    • Thank you Ellen!

      I actually have been reading your blog recently as I just stumbled upon yours in the last month or so.

      Looking forward to sharing stories and if we’re lucky, one day meeting out at sea.

      See you in the water,
      Sail Away Girl

  2. My husband and I are from Alberta Canada and we are planning on lifting anchor in late 2015. I would love to stay in touch to talk out our progress, set backs, accomplishments…. anything really.

  3. Hey Sail Away Girl!

    I met you about a year ago while I was working at a retail shop in Breckenridge, CO. We talked a little bit and you gave me your card. I just found your card and decided to check out your site. Your travels look amazing and I’m so happy you are living your dream! Sending you love and happiness from Breckenridge.

    Take care!

    • Hi Janelle!

      I remember you too. Still lovin’ my Toms’ sunglasses!

      Don’t forget you said you’d be joining me for a leg of the trip, offer is still there.

      How is beautiful Breckenridge? The day I was there it poured like the dickens. That would have been about a year ago. Can’t believe how time flies.

      So glad you found me,
      Sail Away Girl

  4. Hi Elizabeth, I found you via the ProBlogger community forums. I will follow your progress with interest and wish you all the best for achieving a 2015 departure.

    • Thank you Elle!

      I look forward to meeting you too and all the presenters are amazing aren’t they? I feel so lucky to have a ticket to this event. Is it August yet? 🙂

      See you then,
      Sail Away Girl

  5. Elizabeth, good to meet a fellow sailor! My family and I returned in 2011 after a 4 1/2 year sailing/backpacking adventure through the Caribbean and South America. I wrote the book A Life Without Borders. My blog now is about encouraging people to live their dreams, now, whatever that dream may be!

    Good luck with your preparations. Are you still on track to leave in 2015?

    • How awesome Carla! I will get your book right away.

      Yes I am still on track for a 2015 departure. Sounds so far away to me today, but I need the time to raise funds and get through all of my classes. 🙂

      Just went to your Facebook page and liked it so I can keep up with you there. Will do the same on your blog next. I am all for living your dream!!!

      Please stay in touch!
      Sail Away Girl

    • Hey !
      So I guess I’m the only man on here so far, but I love good eating and sailing tho’ my haunts so far only include the gulf of Mexico the carrib & bermudas,
      *I will be following your progress , sounds kinda like a female James Baldwin , eh? wish you great times and fair breeses sis!
      Donald L. Bland , 1960 Herreshoff 26,

      • Hi Donald!

        Actually I have other men following the blog as well and I’m always thrilled to gain another masculine point of view so thank you!

        Please share you adventures with us, we’d love to hear them.

        See you on the water,
        Sail Away Girl

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