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Boom Gallows


Hello Sailors,

My good friend and sailing mentor, Pam Wall recently wrote about the benefits of having a boom gallows on board. For those of you that don’t know what a boom gallows is, it’s an arch structure usually located over your cockpit, although your boat may dictate another location, that has cut outs across the top of the arch to accommodate your boom.

Boom Gallows

Pam explained that the main reason to have a boom gallows is to secure the boom in less than calm seas. The gallows is a resting place for the boom that keeps it from flailing about.

I wanted to see what some of the sailors on forums had to say for and against a boom gallows so I could access for myself if I’d like to have one on my sailboat.

Here’s what sailors are saying:

When putting a reef or two, securing the boom in a gallows would be much safer.

Absolutely essential if using a trisail.

I would not have a gallows since I would not have a trisail.

I have a topping lift and a boom vang so I don’t feel I need a gallows.

I want a gallows. It would be a great place to anchor a bimini or dodger and is great to have in the event the topping lift fails.

It’s a lot less noisier at anchor when you have a boom gallows.

I race and would not want the additional weight or windage.

They make a great additional hand hold.

Relieves strain on the mast.

All in all more pros than cons.

I also found that Practical Sailor wrote about boom gallow designs for the modern cruiser last month. They also tout the value of a boom gallows for the serious cruiser.

Here’s an awesome time-lapse video of a handcrafted boom gallows being made:

Based on all I read I am adding a boom gallows to my sailing wish list. How about you? Boom gallows yes or no?

See you on the water,

Sail Away Girl