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Capsurz Hat Clip – Sailing – Sail Away Girl


Hello Sailors,

My friend Viki’s friends are the makers of Capsurz. What is Capsurz you ask? Well, it’s a new way to keep your hat on your head in windy conditions, say like, sailing. I personally do not wear a hat sailing because it never stays on my head. Yes I use a hat clip, but it still comes off of my head. It was so annoying constantly retrieving hats that were dangling off of my shirt or jacket that I just finally stopped wearing a hat all together.

Sail Away Girl Capsurz

Now I may start wearing a hat again. Much better than a completely scorched forehead and nose like I usually end up getting at least once during the season. Why will I wear a hat again? Because Capsurz got it right! Instead of using a clip that attaches to your collar, the Capsurz has two clips that attach to the inside collar of your cap and then the strap goes under your chin.

Sail Away Girl Capsurz

It’s adjustable which you can see in the video (sorry I really did not have a cap handy for the video) using a sliding bead.  And it’s made right here in the good ole USA! I love supporting other small businesses too. I try to as often as I can. No laughing at my video!!

Any way, the Capsurz strap can look feminine or masculine based on the color strap you choose (black or white) and by the charm you decide to have them add. You can check out all of their choices at Capsurz.com.


I am also not a fan of straps dangling under my chin and Capsurz has a solution for that when you are not using the straps to keep your hat on. Simply put the strap on top of the brim until you need it. Ingenious. Truly, I may wear a hat in this upcoming season!

Go and check them out and get yourself one for whatever sport you enjoy.

Please note that I am not being paid nor did I receive the Capsurz strap for free for this post. I did this simply because I believe in entrepreneurs and good products!

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See you on the water,

Sail Away Girl