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  1. I wish I had taken the time to make the case for the Twin Cities/Minneapolis.
    We have 3 great seasons of sailing on 10,000 little lakes and one Great Lake. The arts and cultural options are unparalleled. More live music and theater than anywhere in the world outside of Manhattan. People who are interested and engaged in community life. Lots of gorgeous outdoor environments and people who use them…skating rinks, bike trails, hiking….an amazing variety and well used, well loved and well cared for.
    Great racing scene for sailors. And its is the north central USA…great worldwide air service with an airport that knows how to stay open.

    • Thank you Claudia! I, like you, was so surprised that nothing on any of the Great Lakes was mentioned either.

      I have a good friend that lives in Minneapolis so I’ll have to go and visit her and check out your sailing scene.

      Last time (my first visit ever) I was in Minneapolis, I really liked it. Big enough to have great cultural events and an airport to get you places. And now I know about the sailing too.

      Thank you for commenting!

      I love feedback,
      Sail Away Girl

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