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Favorite Sailing Tips Part 3 from Sail of Two Idiots


Hello Sailors,

Here’s round three of my complied favorite sailing tips from the A Sail of Two Idiots Book.

A Sail of Two Idiots

The adventures of two sailors that left the rat race to sail the Caribbean.

Just in case you were wondering, my list is only a partial list of the tips included in the book. There are tons more great tips and you may find some that fit your sailing life better that the ones I’ve listed over these three posts. It’s a fun read with plenty of funny stories that you’ll enjoy so be sure and check it out when you can.

Well enough of promoting the book, I don’t know these folks by the way I just enjoyed their book. Here are my last nine favorite sailing tips from their book. Check out my first 10 sailing tips and next ten sailing tips that I published previously.

1.Take a swim around your boat once your anchor is set to see what is around you. You never know there could be a hazard that wasn’t marked on a chart or you missed.

2. When sailing in waters at night that are known to be less than safe, sail with your lights off IF you have cause to fear for your safety. This of course is contrary to maritime law as other vessels will not be able to see you by eye any way so use this tip with caution.

Stop the draining of your account3. Have your bank alerts set to all transactions so you can be notified sooner rather than later about any fraudulent activity and stop the drain earlier.

4. When hauling out and pressure washing is offered, say no unless you plan on completely replacing your bottom paint.

Pop up showers5. Close your hatches when leaving your boat regardless of how long you’ll be gone. Rain showers in the tropics pop up out of nowhere and can dump a lot of rain.

6. People listen to conversations on the VHF, not just for information, but also for their own entertainment. If you need to have a private conversation, decide in advance on a pre-arranged channel. Don’t announce the channel on the VHF either, people will dial in to listen. Also never assume no one is listening, ever.

Sound carries so don’t talk about your fellow sailors while in the anchorage.

7. For selling your boat one day, consider where you flag document (register) your boat so you don’t limit your audience.

8. Know your banker. They could be your savior if someone infiltrates your account or you have an emergency. You should also leave a general power of attorney with a trusted family member so that they could step in and help as well.

And last but not least…

Sailboat for sale

9. Be careful what you disclose on-line. Remember you will want to sell your boat one day and if you constantly post about all the problems well…

So this wraps up my 29 favorite sailing tips from A Sail of Two Idiots. I really do hope that these tips will encourage you to check out their book. Each of their tips comes with a story of how they came up with the tip based on their experience while sailing the Caribbean. Some are quite funny so I highly recommend the read.

Let me know if you found your own favorites out of the book.

See you on the water,

Sail Away Girl