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Welcome to Sail Away Girl!

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Hello Sailors,

Here’s a list of some of my favorite fellow blogs and sailors I follow plus a Vlog and some just plain great resource sites. They are in no particular order. You should check them out for their stories, wisdom, and just plain passion!

Cream Puff. This wonderful blog is the story of two people who like me are in their early fifties and decided that a life on the water is where they dream to be. So they purchased a beautiful center cockpit, Amel 53 and named her Cream Puff. You can check out how they came to that name on their blog. They are witty and charming so I know you will enjoy their updates as much as I have.

Sea Salt Galley Kat. This wonderful blog is about food and sailing. Not just your run of the mill recipes either. Really creative, easy and delicious sounding recipes from Kathy who cooks for her French husband aboard their sailing vessel, RED.

Drake Paragon. This is actually a Vlog or video blog. Drake and Monique chronicle their sailing via videos on YouTube.  I love watching the videos and feeling like I’m there with them.

Zero to Cruising. This is the blog of a couple that started sailing when they didn’t know how and are living their dream.

Good Anchorage.  OK this isn’t a blog per se. But an excellent resource for sailors and includes sage information from cruisers on anchorages around the world. If you join the site, look for the Sail Away Girl anchorage I got to name in Wallilabou St. Vincent. It’s also where they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean.

Segue. They have a blog on SailBlogs and you must be a member to read their entries. I highly recommend joining, it’s free. You can also follow Segue on Facebook. This is a blog about a couple that gives back. They just recently spent six months volunteering with SeaMercy and have been advocating the abolishment of hunting whales in the Antarctic, which has succeeded.

The Boat Galley. I love The Boat Galley. Carolyn offers up sage advise for the galley, and she throws in tips for things outside the galley too. Or even mixes it up like how to use a potato masher to retrieve a halyard up the mast.

World Tour Stories. This is the first sailing blog I started following. It is different from most of the other sailing blogs I follow in that not only are they sharing their trip and boat repairs and the like, but Taru shares herself on here. I truly enjoy the emotion she shares and really letting us get to know her personally. Her style is what I aspire to emulate when I am out on the seas.

Follow the Horizon. This is the story of a couple and their young son that decided that they wanted to live their dream and show their son the world before they were at retirement age. I love their honest dialog about the realities of the live aboard life.

Ed’s Boat Tips. This is a blog with excellent maintenance and repair tips, especially electrical. He states if he does not know how to help you, he’ll find out. This is a blog you want to keep on your list of whom to follow.

Log of Del Viento. This is a blog about a live aboard family and their adventures of daily life. I love the way it’s written. Very engaging and very entertaining!

Where the Coconuts Grow.  Ok, first of all, I love the name. Right away it sends you off to a tropical paradise in your mind doesn’t it? They continue to inspire me to make my dream happen through their great stories and photos.

Cygnus III. Mark Roope is hilarious! Beware he often posts about the differences between men and women and we women don’t always come out looking so good. It’s all in fun and a great read.

I am looking forward to meeting all of these folks out on the water one day….soon. 🙂

See you on the water,

Sail Away Girl


    • Hi Janelle,

      How fun! That would be great…just a little hitch in the giddyup though…I don’t have a boat yet. 🙂 Also, my plan is to start out next fall.

      Please keep in touch though; I know I’ll no doubt be looking for able crew.

      Sail Away Girl

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