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  1. Hi,

    I enjoyed your Tartan 4300 Blog. My husband and I own a Tartan 3700 ccr, that has the beavertail keel.

    It draws 5 feet and is like a bulb keel, but has an angular appearance and flat bottom. Imagine a beaver’s tail attached to the bottom of a regular shoal draft keel. The CCR rig is the same as on “Celestial”, and the self tacking jib is great, except in light air. We had inboard jib sheeting tracks installed, and use the 150% drifter in light air, going upwind. You cannot tack the drifter like a regular sail, so it must be rolled up and then released on the other tack, once the bow has come over.

    We have loved sailing “Dark Island” on Lake Michigan, and have done 5 Mac Races on her. We get compliments every day we take her out. We are in Burnham Harbor in Chicago, and entertain after sailing, in comfort, with the air conditioning and roomy cabin.

    • Judi,

      Thanks so much for clarifying the beaver keel for me. You are so lucky to have one of these beautiful boats. The Tartan was truly the first boat I’ve looked at that had me considering something other than the Island Packet 370.

      I am now going to have to look into the 3700 since that is the length of sailboat that I prefer.:)

      Love the name of your sailboat by the way and thank you for your comment,
      Sail Away Girl

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