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What to Wear Sailing


There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

– Old Norwegian Adage

Hello Sailors,

I am placing all of the articles I’ve written on this topic to date here to make it easier to find any article you make be looking for. Have fun!

What to Wear Sailing Initial Articles:

What to Wear Sailing

March 2013: http://www.sailawaygirl.com/sailing-sail-away-girl-what-to-wear/

June 2013: http://www.sailawaygirl.com/what-to-wear-sailing-sail-away-girl/

September 2013: http://www.sailawaygirl.com/what-to-wear-sailing-series-sailing-sail-away-girl/

What to Wear Sailing Other Installments:

What to Wear SailingDecember 2013: http://www.sailawaygirl.com/sandals-sailing-sail-away-girl/

January 2014: http://www.sailawaygirl.com/capsurz-sailing-sail-away-girl/

Sail Away Girl Capsurz

July 2014: http://wp.me/p2rt83-1hg

What to Wear Sailing The Series:

Week 1:  Foul Weather Gear

Week 2: Base, Mid and Outer Layer

Week 3: Pet Sailing Safety GearWhat to Wear Sailing

Week 4: Jacket, Boots & Messenger Bag

Week 5: Offshore Foul Weather Gear

What to Wear SailingWeek 6: Women’s Offshore Foul Weather Gear

Week 7: Men’s Casual Sailing Wear

Week 8: Women’s Casual Sailing Wear

Week 9: http://www.sailawaygirl.com/installment-9-what-to-wear-sailing-sailing-sail-away-girl/

Week 10: http://www.sailawaygirl.com/what-to-wear-sailing-week-10-sailing-sail-away-girl/sail_away_girl_aimee_sperry_top_shorts_wm_teal_jacket_denim_top_siders2thumbnail

Week 11: http://www.sailawaygirl.com/wear-sailing-valentines-day-sailing-sail-away-girl/
Week 12:  http://www.sailawaygirl.com/wear-sailing-capri-sailing-sail-away-girl/

February 20, 2014: http://www.sailawaygirl.com/eye-care-and-sailors-sailing-sail-away-girl/

Week 13: http://www.sailawaygirl.com/what-to-wear-sailing-14-sailing-sail-away-girl/

Week 14: http://www.sailawaygirl.com/wear-sailing-week-14-sailing-sail-away-girl/

Week 15: http://www.sailawaygirl.com/wear-sailing-episode-15-sailing-sail-away-girl/

Sail Away Girl What to Wear SailingWeek 16: http://wp.me/p2rt83-XN

Week 17: http://wp.me/p2rt83-ZK

Week 18: http://wp.me/p2rt83-10G

Week 19: http://wp.me/p2rt83-12a

Week 20: http://wp.me/p2rt83-12HSail Awaqy Girl What to Wear Sailing

Week 21: http://wp.me/p2rt83-12Y

Week 22: http://wp.me/p2rt83-13Q

Week 23: http://wp.me/p2rt83-14l

Week 24: http://wp.me/p2rt83-152

Week 25: http://wp.me/p2rt83-15i

Week 26: http://wp.me/p2rt83-160

Week 27: http://wp.me/p2rt83-16F

Week 28: http://wp.me/p2rt83-17d

Week 29: http://wp.me/p2rt83-1cU

Week 30: http://wp.me/p2rt83-1dE

Week 31: http://wp.me/p2rt83-1eI

Sail Away Girl What Sailors Wear to a Post Race PartyWeek 32: http://wp.me/p2rt83-1fv

Week 33: http://wp.me/p2rt83-1g5

Week 34: http://wp.me/p2rt83-1hG

Week 35:

What to Wear Sailing main page

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