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Galley Must Haves – Sailing – Sail Away Girl


Hello Sailors,

I just recently joined the Facebook Group Women Who Sail. It is a Facebook Page for, well, women who sail. Mainly cruisers like I will be in 2015.

The group is brand new and a place where women can share their blog posts, thoughts, and questions. On Saturday, one of the cruisers asked everyone what their galley must haves were and the answers were really consistent. I thought others of you may also like to know what the seasoned cruiser galley must haves were, so I complied a list to share.

Here are the top Galley Must Haves:

Sail Away Girl Galley Must Haves Instapot Pressure Cooker1. Pressure Cooker – This was a pretty unanimously listed item. There are both stove top and electric models available. I happen to have the electric version and I absolutely love it. What is great about it you ask? Well it multi-tasks. I can brown food on the “saute” function before I start the pressure cooker which gives a much richer and tastier outcome to the final meal because all the brown bits add flavor. I made beef shanks one day that were so delicious! I really wish I would write down what ingredients I use when I make stuff sometime so I could replicate the dish. It was really, really yummy.


Sail Away Girl Galley Must Haves Bar10der


2. No surprise here…bottle opener/wine opener – We are sailors after all! I love my Bar10der since it can multi-task too. It has 10 different tools for coktail hour. Besides a bottle opener and cork screw, it has a muddler for a perfect mojito, a zester/channel knife for that little twist of citrus for your martini, a knife to slice those limes to run around the rim of your glass for the perfect margarita, and more! OK now I want a drink!


Sail Away Girl Galley Must Haves Omnia Oven


3. Omnia Oven – I have not tried one of these yet, but cruisers swear by it for stove top baking. I’ll get one and test it out when I can as it is currently not available on Amazon. Check back soon for availability.



Sail Away Girl Galley Must Haves Magma Grill4. Magma Grill – I have used this dozens of times and love it. Who doesn’t love grilling! Plus it makes for pretty easy clean up.




Sail Away Girl Galley Must Haves Debbie Meyer green Bags5. Debbie Meyer green Bags – This is a great product for cruisers. I use these at home and they definitely work. Imagine the conditions on a boat and they become even more useful. After all your produse is far more exposed to the elements on a boat.



Sail Away Girl Galley Must Haves Yogotherm6. Yogotherm Yogurt Maker – Now oddly not one person mentioned a yogurt maker. Surprising since I see cruisers mentioning them all the time. I happen to love my Yogotherm. It uses no electricity whatsoever and you can make not only yogurt, but fresh cheese, sour cream, kefir and more. You just heat up the milk of your choice (cow, sheep, goat, etc), add the appropriate culture and leave it overnight. The next day you have a delicious homemade food!



Sail Away Girl Galley Must Haves Kitchen King Pro Manual Food Processor7. Manual Food Processor – I happen to love my Kitchen King Pro manual food processor. I have made tons of food using this marvelous device. Just a few favorites include, hummus, tapenade and tzatziki. Plus it has a mandolin for slicing, a whip for whipping, and a spinner attachment too.  And my favorite feature….the suction cup footed base! I can prep in the cockpit and still enjoy the scenery and company while I cook!



Well these were the top galley must haves that I will have on my sailboat, how about you? If you have any other galley must haves that folks should know about, please add them to the comments section below.

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See you on the water,

Sail Away Girl


  1. Sadly, I don’t sail. But I love to cook (and eat good food)! I’m going to have to take a look at some of these kitchen gadgets.

    I have a stove top pressure cooker and I love it! I use it at least once a week and the meat always comes out deliciously browned, juicy, tender and flavorful. Yummy! Everyone should have a pressure cooker for their kitchen.

    • I agree Jeannine!

      I love my pressure cooker! You should try the Yogotherm too. Nothing tastes better than homemade yogurt, cheese and sour cream! The Yogotherm and the cultures are all available on Amazon.

      See you soon!
      Sail Away Girl