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Lost at Sea (OK Not Really) It’s Sailing Tips


Hello Sailors,

Well no I have not been lost at sea, I just haven’t had the time to do any research and the write about my findings in quite some time. Far more than I ever anticipated for sure.

I got the chance to sneak in reading a sailing book, A Sail of Two Idiots. Basically it’s a tale of two folks that took off sailing with virtually no training and the things that they learned as are result. It’s quite funny and I recommend reading it.

A Sail of Two Idiots

The adventures of two sailors that left the rat race to sail the Caribbean.

If you don’t get read the book, I’ll share my favorite tips from the book today and in my next two posts. Which by the way will not be in a year from now. 🙂

Here are ten sailing tips for today:

 1. Buy a boat that you can afford without taking out a boat loan. Now for me at this point that would be a very tiny boat, think bathtub. I’m working on building my boat fund.

2. EVERYTHING needs to be in working order before you leave port. They did not adhere to this when they left port one time and they paid a dear price for it.


3. When provisioning, if you find a food you like, buy a lot of it. You don’t know if you’ll ever see it again in the future ports you visit. So if it’s not super perishable, just buy it.




not-to-follow-the crowd4. You are not part of a herd so don’t be a sheep. You go where you need and want to go you do not have to follow or be part of the crowd.




5.When considering the engine, bigger is better. Remember it’s better the quicker you can exit a tricky situation including weather, the better.

6. EVERYONE aboard needs to know how to do EVERYTHING aboard. If something were to happen to the only person on the know…not good.

7. If it feels different that it usually does, then stop and check it out, don’t keep going and potentially make it a bigger repair or purchase.

8. Get some wheels for your dinghy. They’re heavier than you think and you’ll be hauling them up on many a beautiful beach. I had never actually heard this one before and though this was a great tip.

9. Take as little trash on board as possible. If you can, unwrap packages and open boxes on the dock or in the dinghy and dispose of the trash on shore. Boxes in particular can harbor roach eggs and you definitely don’t want roaches. Plus no need for the unnecessary weight on the vessel.

no-finger-giving10. This is my favorite for today… Don’t give another boater the finger. There are not an unlimited number of ports in the world and you are likely to run into them again. Particularly bad if you were at fault and did not appreciate being called out on it. Just curse them under your breath. 🙂



Well I must say I feel so good putting ink to screen again. I will try to be much better at posting from here on out. Hopefully you have all stuck with me and will forgive me for my absence.

See you on the water,

Sail Away Girl