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What to Wear Sailing 23 – Sailing – Sail Away Girl


Hello Sailors,

Well it looks like sailing season is really going to start here in Chicago. I know all the boats are slowly starting to launch and we sailors are ready to bust out of cabin fever. Got me thinking of some really warm places that our model might want to see.

This week our What to Wear Sailing  model is Rob. Rob is wearing his dry suit as he is preparing to clean off the bottom of his boat.

Sail Away Girl What to Wear Sailing


You see Rob has just arrived in Palau, a destination that has been on his bucket list for many years. Rob has just sailed 1,242 nautical miles from Papua New Guinea and as those of you that sail in the tropics know, the bottom of the boat will look something like this after a trip like the one Rob has just wrapped up:

Sail Away Girl What to Wear Sailing

So Rob has donned his Gill Men’s Breathable Pro Dry Suit that he picked up at West Marine before he set off on his circumnavigation. This dry suit is breathable and wicks out moisture so it is made to be comfortable in both cold and hot conditions. Good thing because Rob is going to be scrubbing the hull for some time before he can run off and see the sites on Palau. No, no, no Rob. I know you want to go out and dive, but you have to get the bottom of your boat all cleaned up first.

Sail Away Girl What to Wear Sailing

I think Rob might want to consider hauling her out for a new coat of bottom paint as this looks a bit excessive for the trip he just completed. There are some new laws that will come into effect in the not too distant future with regards to anti-fouling paints. I wrote about the changes previously so if you are interested in checking out these changes then click here.

I previously wrote about sailing to Palau and what it has to offer. If you are interested in checking out what there is to see as well as some important information for sailors, then just click here.

So for now Rob has a lot of work to do in his nifty Gill Dry Suit while he enjoys a short stay in Palau.

See you on the water,

Sail Away Girl